ICD 10 - International Classification of Diseases of the 10th Revision


Note. In this block, the term “osteoarthritis” is used as a synonym for the term “arthrosis” or “osteoarthritis”. The term "primary" is used in its usual clinical meaning.

Excludes : spinal osteoarthritis ( M47.- )

M15 Polyarthrosis

Included: arthrosis of more than one joint; Excluded: bilateral damage to the same joints (M16-M19)

M16 Coxarthrosis [arthrosis of the hip]

M17 Gonarthrosis [arthrosis of the knee]

M18 Arthrosis of the first carpal joint

M19 Other arthrosis

[localization code, see above] Excluded: arthrosis of the spine ( M47.- ) rigid thumb of the foot ( M20.2 ) polyarthrosis ( M15.- )

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In Russia, the International Classification of Diseases of the 10th revision ( ICD-10 ) was adopted as a single regulatory document for taking into account morbidity, the causes of public appeals to medical institutions of all departments, and causes of death.

ICD-10 was introduced into the practice of healthcare throughout the Russian Federation in 1999 by order of the Ministry of Health of Russia of 05.27.97. No. 170

The release of a new revision ( ICD-11 ) is planned for 2017.