ICD 10 - International Classification of Diseases of the 10th Revision


M70 Diseases of the soft tissues associated with exercise, overload and pressure

[localization code, see above] Included: occupational soft tissue diseases Excluded: bursitis:. BDU ( M71.9 ). shoulder ( M75.5 ) enthesopathy (M76-M77)

M71 Other bursopathies

[localization code see above] Excluded: bunion of the big toe ( M20.1 ) bursitis associated with loading, overload and pressure ( M70.- ) of enthesopathy (M76-M77)

M72 Fibroblastic disorders

[localization code see above] Excluded: retroperitoneal fibromatosis ( D48.3 )

M73 * Soft tissue lesions in diseases classified elsewhere

[localization code see above]

M75 Shoulder lesions

Excludes : shoulder-hand syndrome ( M89.0 )

M76 Enthesopathies of lower limb excluding foot

[localization code see above] Note. The descriptive terms “bursitis,” “capsulitis,” and “tendonitis” are often used without clear differentiation for various disorders of the peripheral ligaments or muscle attachments; most of these conditions are gathered together under the term "enthesopathy", which is common for damage to these localizations. Excludes: bursitis due to load, overload and pressure ( M70.- )

M77 Other enthesopathies

[localization code see above] Excluded: bursitis:. BDU ( M71.9 ). due to loading, overload and pressure ( M70.- ) osteophyte ( M25.7 ) spinal enthesopathy ( M46.0 )

M79 Other soft tissue diseases, not elsewhere classified

[localization code, see above] Excluded: soft tissue pain, psychogenic ( F45.4 )

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In Russia, the International Classification of Diseases of the 10th revision ( ICD-10 ) was adopted as a single regulatory document for taking into account morbidity, the causes of public appeals to medical institutions of all departments, and causes of death.

ICD-10 was introduced into the practice of healthcare throughout the Russian Federation in 1999 by order of the Ministry of Health of Russia of 05.27.97. No. 170

The release of a new revision ( ICD-11 ) is planned for 2017.