ICD 10 - International Classification of Diseases of the 10th Revision

Sexually Transmitted Infections (A50-A64)


  • disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] ( B20-B24 )
  • nonspecific and non-gonococcal urethritis ( N34.1 )
  • Reuters disease ( M02.3 )

A50 Congenital syphilis

A51 Early syphilis

A52 Late syphilis

A53 Other and unspecified forms of syphilis

A54 Gonococcal infection

A55 Chlamydial lymphogranuloma (venereal)

Climatic or tropical bubo Duran-Nicola Favre's disease Estiomanes Inguinal lymphogranuloma

A56 Other chlamydial diseases, sexually transmitted infections

Included are: sexually transmitted diseases caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. Excluded: chlamydia:. lymphogranuloma ( A55 ). neonatal. conjunctivitis ( P39.1 ). pneumonia ( P23.1 ) states classified under A74.-

A57 Shankroid


A58 Inguinal granuloma


A59 Trichomoniasis

Excluded: intestinal trichomoniasis ( A07.8 )

A60 Anogenital herpetic viral infection [herpes simplex]

A63 Other sexually transmitted diseases, not elsewhere classified

Excluded: molluscum contagiosum ( B08.1 ) of the cervical papilloma ( D26.0 )

A64 Sexually transmitted diseases, unspecified

Venereal disease

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In Russia, the International Classification of Diseases of the 10th revision ( ICD-10 ) was adopted as a single normative document to take into account the incidence, the reasons for the population to address medical facilities of all departments, the causes of death.

ICD-10 was introduced into the practice of health care throughout the RF in 1999 by the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia of 27.05.97. №170

The release of the new revision ( ICD-11 ) is planned in 2017.