ICD 10 - International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision

Other localized connective tissue changes (L94)

Excluded: systemic connective tissue diseases ( M30-M36 )

L94.0 Localized scleroderma [morphea]

Limited scleroderma

L94.1 Linear scleroderma

L94.2 Calcification of the skin

L94.3 Sclerodactyly

L94.4 Gottron Papules

L94.5 Poykyloderma vascular atrophic

L94.6 Anum [spontaneous dactylolysis]

L94.8 Other specified localized changes in connective tissue

L94.9 Localized change in connective tissue, unspecified

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In Russia, the International Classification of Diseases of the 10th revision ( ICD-10 ) was adopted as a single regulatory document to account for the incidence of diseases, the causes of public calls to medical institutions of all departments, and causes of death.

The ICD-10 was introduced into the practice of health care throughout the territory of the Russian Federation in 1999 by order of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated May 27, 1997. №170

The release of a new revision ( ICD-11 ) is planned for 2017.